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Building construction is complex, and there are questions that inevitably arise. That’s where BuilderSpace comes in. Since 2000, BuilderSpace has been providing insights and resources to help guide users through the many intricacies of the building industry.

With an assortment of articles focused solely on construction, BuilderSpace aims to inspire your creativity and provide practical, real-life tips for your projects. We invite you to browse through our collection of articles and see for yourself what BuilderSpace has to offer.

We Provide

Industry Insights

We provide industry insights and practical, real-life tips on everything building industry related.

Answers to questions

We aim to answer questions, big or small, through our online assortment of how-to, why, and what-if articles.

Technological Innovation

We explore the latest innovations and technological advances in the field and focus on sustainable practices.

We Cover


The latest trends in construction as well as the more practical questions that often arise on projects discussed.

Project Management

Construction project management is an ever-growing and expanding field that is central to the industry.


In order to build responsibly for the future, buildings must be constructed in ways that protect the environment.

Building Design

The design of buildings is the starting point for the creation of buildings. Here we discuss current ideas.

Building Materials

The building blocks of buildings, building materials are a key component of construction.

Technical Innovation

We explore some of the latest technical innovations in the construction industry and how they can shape the future.

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