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7510 Montevideo Road, Jessup 20794, Maryland

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Tate is the leading manufacturer of raised access floors, underfloor service distribution solutions and in-floor cooling systems used in offices, casinos, classrooms, libraries and data centers. Underfloor service distribution is one of the best solutions on the market for achieving high performance, sustainable indoor environments. This single strategy increases daylighting, promotes the efficient use of energy and materials, while improving indoor air quality and comfort. Cost-effective and flexible, Tate offers lasting value that can adapt and evolve throughout the life of a building.

For data centers Tate offers innovative solutions to effectively manage the diverse, variable, and high density heat loads commonly found in data centers. In-floor cooling systems such as DirectAire, SmartAire and PowerAire help to create an efficient data center by delivering the right amount of airflow to the right place needed to cool the equipment. As the market leader Tate continues to supply top quality raised access floor systems that provide a flexible solution for meeting the service distribution challenges and ever-changing technologies found in most data centers.


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