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208 East 51st Street, New York 10022, New York

212 430 3280
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The foundations of RMJM’s business in North America date back to before the RMJM partnership was first established when Robert Matthew was appointed to the post-war Committee of Anglo-American Productivity designed to explore methods of building faster and more efficiently. Whilst RMJM’s forays into North America throughout the 20th Century where sporadic and project driven, the acquisition of Hillier Architecture in the early part of the 21st Century established a firm foothold for RMJM on the East Coast.

Today RMJM have a presence on both coasts of the United States through offices in New York and Los Angeles. RMJM’s US Studios are “specialists” rather than generalists and their focus tends towards large institutional projects particularly in the fields of Healthcare (Los Angeles) and Education (New York). The specialist focus of these studios does not extend to their geographical outlook, which is very much global. RMJM’s US studios are passionate about bringing their sector specific design expertise into markets throughout North America; both the New York and Los Angeles teams are regularly found working in partnership with other RMJM Studios across all 5 continents in which RMJM are represented.


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