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PATTERNED CONCRETE Industries, Ltd. is a North American based organization consisting of concrete professionals who specialize in high quality architectural concrete. With over 40 years of on-going research and development, our experience and workmanship strengthen the ability to maintain the quality and control of our service and products.

As the licensing agent for PATTERNED CONCRETE Industries, Ltd., we have been able to fine tune our materials and procedures to withstand the often detrimental effects of climatic changes. We believe that quality control, customer service and team dedication are key factors when striving to achieve the highest standards in architectural concrete finishes. It is our dedication to ensure that these guidelines are met on a day-to-day basis to guarantee complete customer satisfaction before, during and after production. This begins with our employees ensuring that every installation is fully engineered and all design capabilities are exhausted to accomplish any specific outcome desired. Our company mission is to produce a quality end product that are second to none, our goal is to provide architectural concrete that works hard for you, guaranteeing durability and quality craftsmanship you can count on.

During our 40 years in business, PATTERNED CONCRETE Industries, Ltd. has trained and inspired many to choose a career in the architectural and decorative concrete industry. We continue to thrive and move forward by offering franchising opportunities across North America. PATTERNED CONCRETE offers custom manufactured and trademarked tools to our trained professionals. Being a part of team means having the backing when you need it, the marketing support to assist in your growth and access to decades of experience at your fingertips. The opportunity for the right individual is available in many territories at your fingertips. The opportunity for the right individual is available in many territories across North America. What that means to you is merging with like-minded contractors who believe in delivering the highest quality of architectural concrete in the industry.



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