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4400 Oneal Street, Greenville 75401, Texas

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Lumonyx is a translucent molded stone with an alabaster look available in a variety of soft colors of quarried alabasters, from pure whites to creams and golden.

Lumonyx, a unique supplier of illuminated alabaster and onyx inspired materials, offers clients the beauty of these sought after minerals for countless applications at an affordable cost. An American company dedicated to providing quality illuminated alabaster and onyx inspired products for every application, we take pride in meeting our goals as well as the needs of our clients. Valued for centuries for beauty and muted ivory and gold tones, these stones are precious. Never more beautiful than when they are illuminated, they exhibit a glow and texture that dazzles the eye.

Our designers at Lumonyx realized that illuminated alabaster and backlit onyx is traditionally found only in the most lavish settings, in very upscale establishments or as part of luxury home décor. We learned early on that working with these stones is as prohibitive as the expense. Breathtaking as they are for beauty and elegance, alabaster and onyx are naturally thick, heavy and quite fragile, which renders them difficult for application. Designers are often persuaded to find other, cheaper and more practical materials, sacrificing the rich tone and grace of these natural minerals. At Lumonyx, we don’t believe clients should have to settle for anything less than the quality and beauty they desire.


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