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Manufacturing Quality Buildings Since 1987

In-Plant Modular Building Systems — customized prefabricated Modular Building Systems to fit your needs – providing a clean work space, storage, factory noise control and safety barriers around hazardous equipment.




Fitting function & expanding space

InPlant Offices, Incorporated (InPlant) manufactures the widest product range in Modular Building Systems to fit your needs. InPlant’s systems are available in 1-3/4˝ or 3˝ thickness and come in either anodized extruded aluminum or painted steel. Based on the environment and purpose of your Modular Unit, InPlant will customize a Modular Office, Enclosure or Booth for you. Maximize your valuable space with clear spans up to 40´ wide in non-load bearing applications; or expand vertically with a second story; or have a load-bearing roof with load capacities up to 125 pounds per square foot to utilize the roof space for a storage or production area.

InPlant’s Wall Panels include materials with diverse qualities – the outer surfaces and inner core options are designed for safety, environmental control, Noise Control or Soundstop barriers. Depending upon the use, you may select from a wide variety of prefabricated Wall Panels with standard finishes or custom paint colors. Though you may request fabrication using custom materials. Call for assistance, and our staff will explain the details of our various Modular Building Systems.

Prefabricated modular construction for cleaner installation & flexibility

Since InPlant’s Modular Units are fabricated and painted in the factory, the installation and assembly is cleaner than traditional construction and requires less downtime, saving you money. Tax advantages make modular construction an economical choice (Refer to IRS §179).

Modular construction is open construction, which allows building inspectors to check the structure and wiring at any point of the install process.

The non-progressive design of InPlant’s Modular Systems, allows for change and growth. By utilizing InPlant’s modular flexibility to expand, reconfigure or relocate your structure, you’ll lower future spending, and maximize your investment.



InPlant’s enclosures are a safe and economical way to protect your equipment and personnel. For optimal safety, InPlant recommends the use of 24 gauge Steel Faced Wall Panels with rigid polystyrene foam cores, and constructed with the 1-3/4˝ or 3˝ Steel Building System. InPlant’s Building Systems are designed to accept safety accessories such as laser protective glazing, computer programmed door controls, interlocks and more.

The modular nature of InPlant’s Building System allows you to build around existing equipment, or during installation one or two Wall Panels can be left out, allowing for large equipment to be set in place.

Wall perimeter safety guards

InPlant offers a lightweight, freestanding Wall Partition System that allows you to choose a panel configuration to meet your safety requirements. The Wall Panels are joined with InPlant’s non-progressive Building System that can be moved or rearranged quickly and easily. The lightweight system includes stackable panels to extend wall height, and can easily be field modified for custom applications. InPlant’s rugged Steel Faced Wall Panels stop weld flash, flying debris or excessive noise.

Enclosed structures for lasers, welding and
containment of sound, paint & dust

InPlant’s Steel Faced Wall Panels and steel interlocking building systems provide a durable safety barrier. The structural Wiring Studs are designed to include a wiring raceway for electrical and data wires, or conduit can be surface mounted to any part of your Modular Unit. The hard cap roof is assembled with the same durable Steel Wall Panels allowing full protection in the interior space, and it provides support for roof-mounted accessories such as air extraction systems. From lasers to robotic automation, our enclosures meet requirements for light-tight safety, as well as control of temperature, humidity, noise, dust, smoke or fumes.

Control the noise

When noise becomes a problem, InPlant’s Wall Panels with NC Construction are a solution. The Noise Controlling and Non-Combustible Wall Panels with 1/2˝ gypsum layers contains excessive sound, and is available in either 13/4˝ or 3˝ thickness.

The 3˝ thick Soundstop™ Modular Building System is InPlant’s solution for extreme noise control. Soundstop Wall Panels are constructed with an interior cavity filled with rock wool sound insulation,  inside of a gypsum shell. We also insulate these Wiring Studs with rock wool. The Soundstop windows are dual pane insulated and doors are sealed to provide a substantial sound barrier.



Environmentally controlled rooms for inspection, manufacturing, packaging & more

InPlant provides a solid, controllable, and adaptable structure based around specific applications. Air handling is of utmost importance, so InPlant partners with the best clean room specialists to provide expertise in design, materials, equipment and installation. Our Wall Panels integrate easily with the stringent equipment requirements for ISO-rated clean rooms.

Choose from InPlant’s wide range of structural options


In CMM rooms or other applications requiring precision calibration, InPlant recommends any of their 3˝ thick Building Systems – the Standard or Heavy-Duty Steel System, or All-Purpose Aluminum System for temperature and humidity control.

The 3˝ All-Purpose Aluminum System in combination with Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Faced Wall Panels provides a solid moisture resistant and non-corrosive surface, with strong support for a clean room infrastructure. Both the FRP Faced and Vinyl Faced Wall Panels provide a surface that’s easy to clean.

The 3˝ Steel Building Systems are ideal for load-bearing applications, rooms requiring more insulation, and sound attenuation. The optional 16 gauge steel provides a heavier-duty structure to support wide spans up to 40´ without supporting columns in non-load bearing applications. All of InPlant’s NC Construction Wall Panels are easy to install, and provide a range of environmental requirements for the interior.



InPlant’s Booths, Guard Shacks, Control Rooms, Operator Cabs and Security Shelters are prefabricated in the factory, wired, and shipped fully assembled. They are designed for easy shipping – up to 8´ wide by 20´, and larger booths require oversized shipping.  The booths are built on a welded steel channel base frame, which supports the structure, sub-floor and vinyl tile flooring. Fork pockets are formed in the steel base for easy unloading and placement using a forklift.

Shelters for interior & exterior use

For interior use, our Booths can be assembled in a wide variety of Wall Panel options.

For exterior applications, we pair our 3˝ All-Purpose Aluminum Building System with our Cement Board Wall Panels for maximum durability and weather resistance. Exterior Roof Panels are 3˝ thick for added insulation with steel facing for strength to support the exterior grade corrugated roof, and the perimeter gutter system with downspouts. The windows are exterior grade and can be fixed or sliding.

In the Booth, the outlets, lighting and HVAC are pre-wired in the electrical raceways built into the structural Wiring Studs and Roof Panel.


A package with service

Since 1987, InPlant has manufactured Modular Building Systems with strict quality control from raw materials through assembly and delivered Offices, Enclosures and Booths with supporting services from shipment through installation. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, and our team uses state-of-the-art engineering with the latest computer-aided design capabilities. Our manufacturing facility is climate controlled for product consistency with the capacity to build and service unique customer requirements.

Solutions created to fit

InPlant’s employees have years of experience in developing a wide variety of office space solutions for customers. We will custom design a Modular Building System within your space constraints and around any equipment obstruction – we precisely fabricate the interior or exterior dimension within a fraction of an inch. We can engineer a modular unit that’s as economical, or as intricate and heavy-duty as you require it. No job is too small or too large – from a single one-person shipping office to a multi-story complex.

InPlant’s clients include the world’s largest retailer, automobile and other manufacturers, secure government facilities, various sized warehouses, and many others. 

Durable products maximize the return

Your Modular InPlant Office can be expanded, reconfigured, or relocated as your company evolves and its needs change. The design of our Building Systems will remain non-progressive. After installation or years later, Wall Panels can be upgraded or replaced – to include Wall Panels with windows or doors – without disturbing an adjacent section. With our product’s modular flexibility to update and reconfigure your structure, you’ll lower future spending, and maximize the return on your investment through many years of service.

Fast Production & Delivery

To begin the customization process, you may email or fax InPlant a sketch, call to explain your project, or visit our website and fill out the Request a Free Quote form. You will receive a call from one of our Dealers in your area that is available for site visits. Standard quotations are returned quickly and include descriptive details.

Upon placement of your order, detailed CAD drawings are produced promptly for your approval. After you’ve okay-ed the drawings, the manufacturing process of a basic office takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks. Your system will be shipped by motor carrier and will arrive in a few days. This means your InPlant Office System could be installed in approximately 5 to 7 weeks after your standard order is placed. 

Guidance Through Installation

InPlant’s nationwide Rep and Dealer network of material-handling specialists will fulfill your order, from project management to installation, or provide simple oversight as required.

Your Modular Office, Building, Wall Partition or Equipment Enclosure will be safely packaged to ship on pallets. Your Modular Building will arrive with a complete packing inventory list, a detailed CAD drawing, and Modular Office Installation Instructions with a required tools list. A forklift with a 3,000 lb capacity and extended forks is required for off-loading.

Let InPlant’s team create an office solution to fit your needs.  Contact InPlant Offices to consult, get a free quote, or locate a Local Dealer to assist you.


EFFICIENCY  •  InPlant Offices are versatile Modular Building Systems, customized to fit your needs. You’ll gain storage space with our integral load-bearing roofs.

FLEXIBILITY  •  InPlant Modular Building Systems are perfectly engineered for your space constraints and around any equipment obstruction. As your company evolves, your System can be readily expanded, reconfigured or relocated.

SAFETY  •  InPlant offers a variety of insulated non-combustible Wall Panels, which can be fabricated with steel to serve as protective barriers from hazardous equipment.

SOUND CONTROL  •  Isolating noise is vital for privacy and protection from loud equipment — key features of our modular rooms and enclosures.

ENVIRONMENTAL CONTROL  •  Our environmentally-controlled rooms and laboratories work seamlessly with equipment that regulates temperature and  humidity, and provides protection against harsh weather.

TIME SAVING  •  Prefabricating components in our factory, makes installation a rapid process — completion in approximately 5 to 7 weeks from approval.  This minimizes downtime which saves you money.

FASTER RETURN  •  InPlant’s Modular Building Systems are classified as equipment under tax laws allowing accelerated depreciation, saving you capital (refer to IRS §179).

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