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30 Rasons Court, Hauppauge 11788, New York

(631) 234-0600
General info

Hohmann and Barnard, Inc. provides quality and innovative products that architects, engineers and contractors have come to rely on since 1933. In this website you will find detailed product descriptions and information, usage details, submittal sheets, CAD drawings, material conformances, SDS sheets, and more.

Hohmann & Barnard offers a diverse selection of high quality construction products for the building envelope, many of which qualify as sustainable building materials due to recycled content and help achieve LEED certification.
•Our popular masonry systems feature: masonry anchors, stone anchors, repair and restoration anchors, veneer anchors, concrete inserts, high strength systems, partition top anchors, control joints, gripstay channels, seismic anchors, column anchors, beam anchors, truss masonry reinforcement, ladder masonry reinforcement, wall ties, expansion joints, and many other products.

•Our highly innovative line of flashing systems and weep holes feature moisture control products such as: Flex-Flash® Flashing, Copper-Flex™ copper flashing, the revolutionary TeXtroflash® Flashing, and many other flashing products.

•Hohmann & Barnard also has an extensive catalog of residential building products including: window flashing, copper termite shields, and roof underlayment.

•Finally, we recently unveiled our exciting new line of VOC and HAPs free liquid air and vapor barriers:

H&B products have been used on many prestigious projects around the world.


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