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A term used to describe the mining of clay.

Wired Glass

Glass made with a wire grid embedded in it.

Wood Preservative

Substance that is toxic to fungi, insects, borers, and other wood-destroying organisms.


(1) Describes the ease or difficulty with which concrete can be placed and worked into its final location.

(2) In relation to mortar, the property of freshly mixed mortar that determines the ease and homogeneity with which it can be spread and finished.

Working Joints

Joints in exterior walls that allow for expansion and contraction of materials in the wall.


When a building component, such as a wall, is forced out of plumb.

Wrought Products

Products formed by any of the standard manufacturing processes, such as drawing, rolling, forging, or extruding.

Xeriscape Irrigation

System used to water drought tolerant landscapes and other xeriscape environments where water efficiency is necessary. The most commonly used system is drip irrigation.

Xeriscape Plants

Drought tolerant or low water use plants used in xeriscape landscapes and gardens.


Landscaping that thrives with little or no water. In addition to reducing water consumption, xeriscaping reduces waste, maintenance, costs, and fertilizer use.


With regards to zoning, an open, unoccupied space on all sides of a building, based on the required setbacks.

Yield Point

The point at which strains increase without a corresponding increase in stress.

Yield Strength

The load at which a limited permanent deformation occurs.


Area established by a governing body for specific use, such as residential, commercial, or industrial use.

Zone of Aeration

The zone below the ground in which all of the spaces between soil grains contain both water and air.

Zone of Saturation

The zone below the ground in which all of the spaces between soil grains are filled completely with water.


The legal means whereby land use is regulated and controlled for the general welfare.

Zoning Ordinances

Local regulations that control the use and development of land.

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