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3800 Greenway Circle, Lawrence 66046, Kansas

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Amarr Garage Doors has a complete line of commercial doors and hardware to meet the demanding requirements of today's modern building design professional. Our expert staff of engineers is able to provide solutions for even the most demanding installations. We have a state-of-the-art research and test facility where all of our doors are designed and tested to meet and exceed the standards of the industry.

We have 70 Door Centers that service over 3,000 dealers throughout the world.  Our network of experienced dealers can be counted on for dependable installations and prompt service.

Amarr products are the perfect option for green buildings requiring garage, drive-through, fire, dock, and service fenestration products.

High R-Value Polyurethane Insulated Doors- Maximum energy efficiency with R-Values up to 19.40 make these doors a great LEED product.

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Insulated Doors- All of Amarr’s steel sectional doors have an insulated option. Green builders can confidently add EPS insulation to even Extra Heavy-Duty single layer steel doors if the application requires it.

Aluminum Full View Doors- Provide maximum natural light and outdoor visibility.  This reduces electrical light requirements while enhancing indoor environmental quality. Multiple glazing options including insulated, low-E, obscure, and tinted glass are available, allowing green builders to be truly innovative with their designs.

Strategic Manufacturing and Distribution Locations- Amarr commercial products are manufactured primarily in Kansas, North Carolina, Georgia, Texas, and Arizona. We also have over 70 distribution locations so we can maximize distribution efficiency and minimize the fossil fuel impact on the environment.


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